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New people, welcome to Mastodon and the Fediverse!

Here's how to get started:

1. Find some people to follow over on @FediFollows, and through Trunk (

2. Find out your Mastodon/Fediverse address so you can share it with friends (

3. Invite people to join you on here by telling them to go to and click on "Get Started". It doesn't matter if they join a different server because the servers talk to each other (here's a bit more of an explanation

4. Find out what the Fediverse is (

5. Find out why Mastodon being on so many different servers/instances is a really good thing (

6. If you see anything nasty, you can report it to your friendly server admin (

7. You can (sort of) verify your account if you own a website (

If you have any questions, @ me or DM me!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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This is a really wonderful explanation of transformers (the # mlpfim architecture behind the boom in #NLP) for software engineers. For me, vastly clearer than other “visual” explanations.

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I'm also going to completely open up #WritingExchange registrations for the next couple days, so people don't have to wait for approval.

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Voice and video calls are now available on Session.

The beta for our calls feature has now gone public, marking the final step before our full release of HQ onion-routed calling — a world-first for a messaging app.

Learn more:

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On the latest episode of How to Fix the Internet, we talk with Adam Savage, the maker extraordinaire from MythBusters, Savage Builds, and Tested, about the right to repair, to tinker, and to put creativity and innovation to work in your own garage:

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If you're looking for more feeds to add to your collection on this unofficial RSS appreciation day here are a bunch someone posted on gemini.

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Hello to all you brilliant new people on Mastodon and the Fediverse!

Welcome! 👋

If you're wondering how to get started on here, take a look at this guide for beginners:

If there's anything you want to know, if you have any questions, reply to this post or send me a message and I will try to find the answer 🤔 (And don't worry if you think it's a stupid question, there's no such thing!)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #NewHere #Introduction

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We don't need to passively accept it when conceited billionaires buy up social media.

We can create and use our own social media instead:

There are thousands of community-owned servers on the Fediverse with millions of registered users.

We can take back ownership of our online social lives, if we choose to.

#GrowYourOwn #HomeGrown #SocialMedia #SelfHosting #CommunityHosting #Twitter #ElonMusk

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40 sessions, 40 speakers, 1 day. Join the @AllThingsOpen team for a full day of live #opensource programming on Tuesday, March 29. Registration is free!

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New version 0.2203.3 released with lots of small features and improvements! Such as:
🎉 Feature: Resync screen guides you after recovery
🎉 Feature: reply counter opens thread at the bottom
🎉 Feature: allow starting a private chat with yourself
✅ (iOS) Bug fix: crashing when returning from lock screen

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3 years on #reddit with my current username #publicvoit; 1713 karma points; 29 followers. 🍰

Still valid:

I'd love to see a new spring for #Usenet or #Newsgroups - this rather old technology is so much superior in my opinion to any web forum. #usability

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I have a new post on my blog: Tools for Communicating #Offline and in Difficult Circumstances. It condenses ideas discussed in this thread.

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Do you want to create your own Fediverse instances?


By far the easiest way is to use a managed hosting service such as:

The hosting service does the tech stuff, but you own and run the instance.


Alternatively, you can do all the tech stuff yourself. This requires a lot more skill, but it gives you a lot more flexibility with choosing software.


Halfway between these two extremes is @yunohost, server software which lets you install your own online services extremely easily:

Once Yunohost is installed on a server, you can add and remove services yourself through a graphical interface.

Fediverse services include:


There are also many, many other services:

#Fediverse #FediTips #SelfHosting

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Do you prefer to buy DRM-free ebooks?

You can read them on any device you want, and they're not locked to a single vendor or company. You actually own them.

Here is a list of DRM-free ebook, digital comic, magazine, and RPG shops!

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Manyverse isn't part of the Fediverse, because it works very differently. It's part of the SSB (aka Scuttlebutt) network, and is trying to make SSB more user friendly.

However, the aim of Manyverse/SSB is very similar to the Fediverse: to decentralise social media. You may want to try it out!

Manyverse have just released their first desktop apps, so Manyverse is now available for all major platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS). You can find out more and download the apps at:

They also have a Fediverse account at @manyver_se

I've previously posted that Manyverse is serverless, but this isn't quite true. It can be very difficult to reliably connect internet users peer-to-peer, so Manyverse uses special servers called "Rooms" to connect users. However, actual user data is not stored online, so data storage is still serverless. There's a video explaining Room servers at

#Manyverse #SSB #Scuttlebutt #SecureScuttlebutt

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