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Shopping weekend 2021 

We'll have a few sales on throughout the weekend! But I let this important national holiday slip my mind until today, so not all sales are live yet.

Right now, you can get:

- 25% off our yearly Pro subscription:
- 33% off the @writefreely iOS app:

And there's plenty more to come. I'll post here and on our @deals blog when everything is available 🙂

#blackfriday #cybermonday

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Still working on my full post about using the Internet in the #1990s, but I found an old blog entry from 2004 where I was talking about late-90s campus network safety and how I got in trouble for "running a server" because I used Linux to avoid all the pranks and hacking going around with everyone's Windows 95 computers.

Original blog post:

Imported to my Gemlog:

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🎉#FreedomBox 21.14 has been released & uploaded to Debian unstable. Typically, it will migrate to testing in 2 days & be uploaded to stable-backports.⚙️🔨🔧

The News:
-tt-rss: Allow selection of a domain name
-Updates for 3 languages
-6 contributed 🤓


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📣 Calling all open source folks in and around Denver, CO!

Meet up with elementary OS contributors, users, fans, and friends in person for food and drinks on Saturday, December 11.

RSVP at the link to help us know how many people to expect:

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Developers: second round of #pinephonepro coupons going out in a few hours.

Check your emails later today/ tonight.

(video: PinePhone Pro production line)

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Here we are!
🎉✌️ #Mobilizon v2 has just been released ✌️🎉

We hope you 'll be able to free your events & groups from the clutches of Facebook 😉

Read about a year of improvements from your feedback here :

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Looks like is now using for instant podping -> WebSub support. Cool!

@write_as is is possible to self-host kind of like writefreely?

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🧅 Tor's State of the Onion!

Join us to hear from Tor teams and the larger community about what we've accomplished in 2021 and what we're looking forward to in 2022.

When: Nov. 17, 17 - 19:00 UTC.

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Tired of tech dystopia? We’re excited to launch a new season of our podcast, How to Fix the Internet! Starting today, we’ll have new episodes weekly with some of the leading minds in law and technology.

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November Update Time!

- #PinePhonePro first impressions & more details

- #PinePhone (Pro) production keyboard impressions - available next month for $49.95

- #SOQuartz Blade hostboard

- #InfiniTime 1.7 update for #PineTime

and much more!

Read here:

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We're redesigning profiles and want your feedback! Let us know what you think about this design and how we can improve it.

Boosts + feedback are greatly appreciated, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact, and we are forever grateful for people like you! ❤️

#pixelfed #pixeldev #feedbackWanted #activitypub

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If your Mastodon admin is thinking about changing their instance colour scheme, this article might be useful to them:

#MastoAdmin #MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Themes

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💬 I created a matrix room for karrot! --> come and chat!

❓ not sure if we'll keep it going, but want to see how it is, and I usually have matrix open now

❌ we currently have a self-hosted rocket chat, but don't use it much (we discuss karrot using karrot now, but it's not public, though you can sign up and join, the matrix room seems it might be useful... let's see)

toot by @nicksellen

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We released version 1.4 of Briar ✨ 🎉 🥳 🎈
• Share the app with people nearby without internet access
• Exchange encrypted messages via SD cards and USB sticks

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